вне игры

вне игры is a film about a neighbourhood next to the newly build 5-star football stadium in Donetsk, Ukraine and its social and spacial contrasts. Made in collaboration with Monika Takacs, produced by Talatala Filmakers and premiered at MiradasDoc International Documentary Film Festival in Tenerife. Role: Conception, CoProduction, Direction, Light, Camera, Edit, Postproduction, Sound Setting: Formerly known for its c
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One day on earth – Berlin Friedrichshain

One Day on Earth – Motion Picture Trailer from One Day on Earth on Vimeo. Some daylife footage from Berlin Friedrichshain for the „One day on earth“ project. This film is just a rough edit of the raw material with original sound. The footage has made it into the final film, for which the motion picture trailer has been released today. On October 10, 2010 (10.10.10), across the planet, documentary fi
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The goal of this documentary is to give a kind of snapshot of people’s lives in the neighborhood of Raval in Barcelona on a normal day in wintertime in 2009. The idea was to accompany people with very distinct points of view through their everyday lives. All of these stories combine as part of one day in Raval, in which the camera changes situation and thus perspective over time, also meeting people to accompan
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Für die Katz

The Documentary „Für die Katz“ (German saying, which could be translated with „for the cats“ with the meaning of the english saying „for the birds“, for doing something without any effect..) is a film about the deep friendship of an old man and four wild cats located at the area of the shuttered Wilke-Werke a ruin of an industial complex in Brunswig, Germany. Realized in cooperatio
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