Für die Katz


The Documentary „Für die Katz“ (German saying, which could be translated with „for the cats“ with the meaning of the english saying „for the birds“, for doing something without any effect..) is a film about the deep friendship of an old man and four wild cats located at the area of the shuttered Wilke-Werke a ruin of an industial complex in Brunswig, Germany.
Realized in cooperation with Peter Beyer.

  • Role

    Conception, CoProduction, Direction, Light, Camera, Edit, Postproduction, Sound

  • Setting

    A dokumentary film about one hour of the day of an old man.

    Since 25 jears, Mr. Woelk strides through the Wilke-Werke, in the meantime ruins of his old workplace, to care for four cats, which live in the area, where over a thousand peole once worked.
    The story of a long and intensive friendship of an old man and wild some cats, situated in the sureal appearing of the old industrial complex, which is reconquered by nature. During the shooting programe, Mr. Woelk hears that he has to leave the area and that the whole complex is geting destroyed. The image of an idyll between man and animal gives way to the destruction.


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Date: März 15, 2005