Permanent artistic installation

Mandala is a permanent artistic 4K video installation of 13 video-projectors situated in a former church in Al Franca, near Zaragozza, Aragon, Spain.

Made on behalf of the International Center for Water and Environment SODEMASA.

The installation begins with a vertical projetion of horizons at the 7 meter tall side walls of the church. In the second phase, the projetions move to the roof of the nave, where new mandalabased worlds with infinite perspectives are beeing projected into the sky above the audience.

The work contains a state of „standby“, during approx. 40 minutes, and the main projection, with a duration of 13.25 minutes. Made in cooperation with Miguel Anton Malo and Marcos Rotlan.

The roof projections of the second part of the installation loop take place on 13 projection areas, this trailer is the roof projection, a full 4K video projection on the churches nave roof, arround 30m in diagonal.

The main projection deals with the transition between nature and mental abstraction. The Images take the visitor from views of nature and horizons into a new reality of a mirrored and composed reality.



Quick Time VR:

Client:Sodemasa / Expo
Date: April 03, 2006