“Zwei Leben (Two Lives)” Animated Shortfilm, 35mm

Animated Shortfilm, 35mm

Now on Tidefilm, the complete documentation and trailer of the 35mm computeraided animimated Shortfilm “Zwei Leben (Two Lives)”.
The story of a businessman, who decides to jump off a high-rise building. There he chances to meet a tramp, who wants to dispose him of his last clothes first. Story based on motives from Ken Campbell. Supported by Nordmedia GmbH.

A ”weary-of-life” businessman decides to jump off a high-rise building.
Poised on the balustrade, just one step from death, a homeless tramp living on the roof tries repeatedly to prevent him from jumping. Slowly but surely, the tramp talks him in to leaving his clothes and money behind.

In the final event the businessman is standing on the balustrade with his farewell letter in his underwear. When he realises that he’s no longer able to commit suicide, and demands the return of his possessions, an argument ensues, which eventually culminates in a fight..

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