From the initual consultation over conception to the final result.
All in one pipeline and working with one team.
Fast delivery and the option to produce great looking content within a day.


Consulting & Conception

Media consulting
Experience in social media marketing
Conception for your needs
Simple solutions to high end content

Storyboard & Preproduction

Project development

Production services & Location

All necesary preproduction in one place
Organisation & project management
Filming permitions
Music production & licensing
Location scouting

Crew compiled for your needs

Camera, light, sound department
Editorial for interviews and reportage
One person setup for small footprints on location to full crew

Production using the best gear for the job

Shooting on the best medium for your needs
2K or 4K Ultra HD
Ultra low light capability
Steadycam, slider, gimbal for cinematic looks
Aerial filming
High resolution & quality still photography using 4K sensor output
Wireless sound recording on location
Professional voice over recording with mobile studio on set

Post production

Fast and flexible postproduction, ensuring not only the best results, but also the fastest delivery
Fluent in all common NLEs for project integration
Professional color grading
Sound design

Motion Design

Title design and animation
Animated graphic design
3D tracking

Music Score

Custom development and composition
Research for preproduced scores for every need and budget
Integration and indivisualisation

Mastering and distribution

Mastering in various formats from classic media to web optimized content

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