All what is left. Location trailer of planned documentary about the Eisfabrik in Berlin Mitte.

Documentary location trailer

Location trailer for a planned documentary about the icefactory in Berlin Köpenicker Straße. Unfortunately the factory was cleared by the police short after the production of the trailer when the project was still in preparation. The place is now empty and not accesible anymore. So this video trailer remains as a short portrait of this place which used to like this in 2012-2013.

What happended:

This year things went fast again in Berlin, and change came faster. The „Eisfabrik“ (The Norddeutsche Eiswerke) used to be
one of the last central abandoned open buildings located directly at the river spree, just some hundred meters away from the
eastern center.
This place showed the contrast of the city these days, inhabiting the poorest familys who squated the building living there in carton houses, and at the same time being a hot spot for lonely planet guided snapshot hunters from the hostels around, grafiti artists and fashion people as well as musicians and party people. All of them concentrated in one building in the very center of the city, living the moment, which is so supposed to change, as they are on one of the most expensive pieces of land with investors cuing up to build luxury housing there.

eisfabrik berlin 2013 documentary

„One of the residential buildings had been destroyed by bombs at the end of the war, but the rest somehow survived the various bombs and several fires – until 2010 that is, when under its “protection” the old cooling houses were ripped down by the Treuhand Liegenschaftsgesellschaft.
The original Treuhand was the state company responsible for the privatization of East German enterprises once the Wall came down, generally responsible for the closing of factories, loss of jobs and selling of assets.
The Eisfabrik is now caught in the web of the huge Mediaspree project which wants to allow corporate greed corrupt Berlin’s riversides with apartments, office spaces and gold mines for investors. I guess this is how they can demolish a listed building…
According to those who want to save Berlin’s Eisfabrik and Wikipedia, the cool houses torn down in 2010 were Europe’s oldest. The rest of the factory is also to be destroyed, except for the apartments currently undergoing modernisation (no doubt before the inhabitants are paid to leave so they can be sold at wildly inflated prices). The ice factory will be replaced by a building made of glass. Berlin is going to the dogs. Not cool.“

(source: http://www.abandonedberlin.com/2013/11/eisfabrik-losing-its-cool.html)

The chance to make this film is forever gone. But there s more storys out there. So stay tunded.