Demokratiefest im Schloss Bellevue

Event Documentation

Full service videodocumentation ot the „Demokratiefest“ 2012 at german president’s residence Schloss Bellevue in Berlin.
The video with all its interviews was shot and edited with a small crew within the event and shown on stage in the evening, moderated by the german president, Joachim Gauck.

Under the topic „Jung. Beteiligt. Engagiert.“ Bundespräsident Joachim Gauck invited 450 Guests to the Demokratiefest at Schloss Bellevue. Together they showed the diversity of successful initiatives and projects involving the young generation in Germany. With the Demokratiefest, the president and the initiative „DemokratieErleben“ honoured their engagement and emphasized how important participation of young people is in our society.

Concept, Direction, Light, Camera, full Postproduction, Sound
Produced in collaboration with Julia Sofie Matyschik and Martin Jörg (Camera)

Date: Juni 19, 2012